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Building Bridges, Empowering Voices

With gratitude and a sense of purpose, I have been fortunate to serve as a public speaker and moderator on topics that hold deep personal meaning for me. Connecting with diverse audiences, I aim to contribute to these important conversations with humility, ensuring meaningful and impactful discussions. I am open to embracing new opportunities and expanding my horizons to continue making a positive difference through my speaking engagements.


Kanangayi Symposium

Kanangayi has provided me with a platform to amplify important messages, spark conversations, and contribute to the collective journey towards empowerment and positive transformation. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary event and to play a role in its mission to create a brighter future for all.

Hochschule St Gallen

I had the privilege of being involved with Universa and Hochschule St. Gallen. As a panelist at the Women's Day 2023 event, I contributed to discussions on the topic of #FeminismIsForEveryone, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and its relevance to individuals of all genders and social identities. It was a valuable experience to be part of such a significant discussion, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Je Suis Noires

Becoming a Black Woman

As a featured speaker in the impactful documentary "Je suis noires," I had the privilege of sharing my experiences as a Black Swiss woman. In the film, I opened up about the emotional struggles I faced, revealing a deeply personal moments from my childhood and present. Through my speaking role, I aimed to highlight the pervasive effects of structural racism in Switzerland and bring attention to the challenges and discrimination that Black individuals continue to endure.

Being part of "Je suis noires" provided me with a platform to add my voice to a vital conversation on racial prejudice and its impact on our society. My insights, alongside those of other empowered women, contribute to a powerful narrative that explores how our society is still influenced by colonial legacies and racial biases. Through my participation in the film, I hope to raise awareness, inspire change, and encourage everyone, regardless of their background, to stand up for equality and fight against racism.

Credit Suisse

Next Generation Network

As a committee member of the Next Generation Network (NGN), an employee network operating under Credit Suisse's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) umbrella, I had the privilege of organizing and contributing to various impactful initiatives. Within this dynamic and inclusive environment, our focus was on empowering young professionals to accelerate their career progress, enhance their leadership capabilities, and foster personal development opportunities.

During my tenure at NGN, I played a significant role in organizing two consecutive yearly events for the committee chairpersons, facilitating collaboration and idea exchange among leaders within the network. Additionally, I was instrumental in introducing the "NGN Inspires" series, which featured inspiring speakers and thought leaders to motivate and empower our members.

Furthermore, I actively participated in setting up a peer-to-peer mentoring stream, providing a valuable platform for young colleagues to connect, support, and learn from one another.

As a part of this employee network, I contributed to organizing input sessions, ensuring that our initiatives remained aligned with the needs and aspirations of our young talent community at Credit Suisse.

My experience within NGN, as an integral part of Credit Suisse's Diversity and Inclusion efforts, has been immensely fulfilling. Through our collaborative endeavors, we aimed to create an inclusive, empowering, and growth-oriented environment, nurturing the next generation of leaders within the organization.

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