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Vision Statement

My vision is to empower organizations worldwide with inclusive business strategies that drive growth and societal change. I envision a future where businesses prioritize equity, harness the power of diversity for innovation, and contribute positively to communities and the environment.

Welcome to TheSwissPanAfrican, your gateway to my portfolio and consulting services. I am passionate about driving impactful collaborations as a Project Manager specializing in Partnerships, Platforms, and Ecosystems Facilitation. Born and raised in Switzerland, my career journey is shaped by a rich blend of experiences influenced by my diverse cultural heritage.


My professional foundation includes a tenure in private banking, serving UHNWI clients across Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Complementing this, I hold a Master's degree in African Development from the London School of Economics, where I honed my expertise in fostering equitable pathways and sustainable partnerships.

Key milestones in my career include establishing a pivotal partnership hub for a leading Swiss bank, and founding AfroSwissters and EquiPath to champion female empowerment and inclusive education in Switzerland. As Strategic Partnerships Development Manager at Black Future Week, I've sourced high-profile speakers and forged strategic alliances to enhance event impact in Berlin, Basel, Amsterdam and beyond.

I am deeply engaged in fostering inclusive communities, from serving on the board of the Africa Association St. Gallen to co-creating transformative platforms like ADAN Zurich and Kanangayi, which empowers the Swiss BIPoC community through strategic partnerships.

Join me in navigating the intersection of culture, innovation, and impact. 

My Mission is to. . . 

To drive transformative change through strategic leadership and inclusive practices, leveraging my multicultural heritage and expertise in strategic partnerships and DE&I. My mission is to empower individuals and organizations to achieve sustainable growth, foster innovation, and create lasting social impact by embracing diversity and promoting inclusive business practices.

Core Values.

My core values are rooted in real achievements and experiences. Integrity, dedication, collaboration, innovation, and empowerment are not just ideals for me—they are principles forged through years of navigating diverse ecosystems and driving impactful initiatives. From fostering inclusive environments throughout my academic jourey, to delivering tangible results in organizations, these values have guided me in achieving meaningful outcomes and building trusted relationships with clients and partners alike.


Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical principles in all endeavors.


Fostering partnerships based on mutual respect, trust, and shared goals.


Embracing creativity and forward-thinking to drive meaningful change and solutions.


Enabling individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential through inclusive practices and support.

These values form the foundation of my consulting practice, ensuring every project is approached with dedication, integrity, and a commitment to making a positive impact.


Let’s Work Together

Zurich, Switzerland

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