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Building Invisible Bridges, Connecting Visible Opportunities with
a Creative Direction.
In meaningful ways.


This is me

"I'm all about the art of connection - whether it's capturing moments behind the lens, crafting compelling narratives through writing, or strategically bringing people and ideas together. I'm always looking for new ways to connect the dots and share my network to create impactful experiences. So let's make some magic happen together!"

Inclusive Content   Writing

Programme Development 

 Visual   Social Media Branding

Events Content    Photography  Creative Initiatives Advisory


I advise organizations 
and associations in impact initiatives & campaigns

"Grüezi" to theswisspanafrican, where I, Tallulah Patricia Bär, blend my unique background and diverse perspectives to create bridges and connect opportunities. As a Swiss-born woman of Ghanaian and Egyptian heritage, my upbringing has been a delightful clash of cultures, infusing me with a colorful tapestry of traditions and values. And, as a proud Panafricanist, I bring a fiery passion for the continent's growth and prosperity.

My educational journey is equally diverse, ranging from a bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations from Westminster University to a master's degree in African Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. I have also honed my skills as a private banker, a project manager for partnerships and platforms, and a postgraduate consultant for UNICEF. These experiences have imbued me with a keen sense of strategy, diplomacy, and empathy for the challenges and opportunities inherent in diverse industries and contexts.

At theswisspanafrican, I combine my experience in creative work, marketing consulting, and event programming to empower individuals and enable platforms as a multi-skilled professional. I am passionate about creating events that captivate and inspire, building strong partnerships that drive success, and producing high-quality content that connects with diverse audiences. My panoptic view of the world allows me to connect people and opportunities in innovative and meaningful ways.

I am excited to share my work and portfolio with you and invite you to join me on this journey of growth and discovery. Let's build bridges and connect opportunities together."

Clients &

"The next generation constantly inspires me with their boundless energy and creativity. Having experienced the fire of passion waiting to be unleashed, I'm committed to empowering young talent and helping them unlock their full potential. Being part of their journey and witnessing their growth is truly a privilege. Let's set the world ablaze with their brilliance! As a versatile professional, I excel in creating meaningful connections and crafting engaging experiences. My expertise in content creation, partnership building, and event programming allows me to create impactful moments that leave a lasting impression. When I'm not building bridges, you can find me behind the lens capturing people in breathtaking spaces. And as a foodie connoisseur at heart, I'm always exploring the world one pan dish at a time, indulging in flavors from across the globe."



Throughout my professional journey, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of clients and partners, both in the past and at present, building and nurturing valuable relationships within my extensive network.






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